6 Baby Festival Essentials

Having visited quite a lot of festivals this summer, some of which you can read about here, with more still to come, I thought I would give a quick rundown of some essentials I've come to love or covet since the Little Inspiration started coming with us. It's a whole new kettle of fish merrymaking at a festival with little ones so it's better to be prepared!

Ems for Kids

I am slightly over protective of the Little Inspiration, as I'm sure most new mothers are, so we were slightly worried about how we were going to be able to go to festivals with her and still enjoy the experience as much. When I discovered Ems for Kids I was pleased there was a happy solution for everyone with their cute ear defenders and they even make them for tiny tots too.

Bell Tent

We haven't bought one yet but definitely investing for future years as having a little bit of extra luxury when you are already giving up your bed for the weekend (given you don't get near enough sleep any more anyway) is hard enough. Providing some much needed glam, extra space and a stove for the cold nights just makes it all a bit more bearable...and cool.

A range of cute boho festival outfits need to be purchased for little one so that random passers by can tell you how adorable they look and you can twin with them of course. We also found having a cute backpack with a harness really useful to stop her wandering off into crowds. Normally we teach her to hold our hand but with so many people it can be hard to keep hold of her at all times. Plus we loaded it up with her favourite toys and snacks to keep her entertained.

When you're going to a festival with a little one, there may not be the healthiest food choices for them and whilst we're all for baby led weaning and her eating what we eat, I'd prefer that over a weekend she had some good home cooked food and healthy snacks. Also having a place to set up camp during the festival is great as you'll want to make sure little legs don't get tired and you can retreat away from the hubbub for a bit. 

Unless you are happy to bed share on that bouncy blow up bed, you'll probably want a separate sleep space for bubs. Knowing she is cocooned and protected from bugs and hard, damp floors is another weight of my mind. 

Every festival parent needs a good sling for when little legs get tired or nap time beckons. Better than dragging a buggy through boggy fields, you can still get close to the action whilst bubs is snug on your chest. Some stages are spread quite far apart so it helps with getting about and getting into the action. This Navigator design is perfect for the little explorers in your life.

This list could go on and I'm sure we'll add to it year on year. What are your festival essentials now you have a baby in tow?

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