1st Father's Day Guide

The Carnivore's first father's day is coming up fast now and the littlest Inspiration and I want to make it really special for him. For Mother's Day I was truly spoilt with breakfast in bed (even if I did have to share it with the little one) and loved seeing her in her special Mother's Day baby gro. I also received some beautiful flowers from my favourite online florist.

Whilst flowers seem appropriate for Mother's Day, finding thoughtful but inexpensive gifts for Father's Day can be quite tricky. We're not really the kind of family that values stuff, tending to enjoy an experience together instead but as it's a special one, we'd like to get him a few thoughtful bits.

Here's our pick of the top gifts for Father's Day 2018:

Classic football shirt 

Any football lover would jump at the chance to own a retro football shirt from their team's glory years. Even if they have the latest kit, they'll love to complete the set with shirts going back decades. I know the Carnivore would love this shirt from when Hull City first went to Wembley and made it to the Premiership.

Father's Day World Cup Hamper

I know the Carnivore is excited about the upcoming world cup and will be watching as much of it as he can. This Father's Day 'world cup' hamper full of continental beer and snacks will be right up his street.

Herbivore/ Carnivore/ and Milkivore T-shirt

Twinning is winning as they say and who says dad's can't get in on the action. If you have a foodie of a meat-loving or herbivore persuasion, they can twin with their little Milkivore. What could be cuter?

Gin school or Gin Hamper

If you have  a gin lover who would love to make their own special Father's Day blend of gin, send them to gin school. They can not only taste a lot of gin, but also learn all about the process. Or if you don't have an awesome gin school near you, get them this lovely gin lover's hamper full of tasty treats.

How to be an Astronaut - Tim peake

Every little boy turned big boy has thought about going into space,, so if you have a would be astronaut, they'll love this book by Tim Peake answering all of the questions they never they knew they had about going into space. Did you know you get taller in space? Ever wondered how they wee? This book tells all....

Green & Blacks Chocolate Lover Hamper

Give daddy something as sweet as he is with a chocolate lovers hamper. The chilli chocolate variety will help him demonstrate his manliness by attempting to eat as much of the hot stuff as possible....

I'm sure we'll also treat him to breakfast in bed and lots of cuddles to show him how much we appreciate him. How will you celebrate Father's Day? 


  1. Brilliant list...I should show this list to my daughter. She is so confused and asking me what to bring this year. She will pick all of these gifts for her beloved dad.
    Stephanie @ https://smiletutor.sg/

    1. Aw cutie. I really hope she found something lovely from the list and you all had a wonderful day.


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