Family glamping at the North Star Club Yorkshire

We were always of the opinion that the world was too large and interesting to return to the same place twice and we held true to that until we became parents. Oh poor, missguided fools we were!!

Then all of a sudden the world seemed unknown and the risk of going somewhere unfamiliar amplified. Instead we have started to favour knowing what to expect on our family holidays and ease of taking everything a baby requires in our own car.  At least whilst the Milkivore is still so little anyway. As a result staycations have become our new favourite thing and why not, given that this country offers some of the most beautiful countryside and interesting attractions.

We visited North Star Club in the long ago days before we were married and our sweet baby girl was even a twinkle in our eyes. We couldn't help but talk about how great it would be for a holiday with babies, though, if our dream of having a family one day came true. Now our travel is all about creating wonderful lasting memories as a new family of three and when the Carnivore had some leave to take, we knew just where we wanted to go.
The high end glamping lodges are set in 500 acres of ancient woodland and outstanding countryside, and are equidistant between York and Hull. We were so excited to head back to this relaxing, woodland retreat and after a busy few weeks work wise and with the Milkivore's latest sleep regression, a break among nature, away from screens, mobile phone reception and out of hours work calls, was just what the doctor ordered.
We arrived during the heatwave that struck the nation and gave us a fleeting insight to all that summer promises. As we drove up all of the noise of traffic slipped away and we were once again stunned by just how quiet it was. All we could hear was the sound of bird song all around us.
This time we were staying in the Amy Johnson lodge, who is somewhat of a local hero, being the first female aviator to fly solo from England to Australia. The lodges are surrounded on all sides by trees so that you feel completely immersed in nature. It would be easy to imagine you were in some sort of Jurassic jungle.
You can't see another lodge or person at all from your large covered veranda, which for us was absolute bliss. Not that we're unsociable but spending time just the three of us was what we wanted for this break.

Inside the lodge the stand out feature is the enormous, squishy four poster bed, made from tree trunks that stretch from floor to ceiling. In one corner is a log burning stove, perfect for cosy nights spent under blankets. The style is rustic but luxurious, with touchy feely textures everywhere you look and is how I would want my Nordic holiday home to look, or actually any home of ours!
Next to it is an enormous bathroom, with a free standing tub in front of french doors. that can be flung wide open to make you feel like you're bathing in nature. The littlest Inspiration loved this room and crawled straight over to that huge tub, as if staking her claim on it and letting us know that she would be splashing about in it later on.
Last time we stayed we noted that there wasn't a kitchen as such, although staff took away dirty pots to wash them for you. However, it suited us well that they had installed a small kitchenette with sink and fridge freezer. We'd already picked up some groceries from the supermarket a ten minute drive away in Market Weighton so we were well prepared.
We adore cooking outside whenever we get chance but rainy Britain can put a dampener (excuse the pun) on that but here with the large covered verandah there is no reason to stop play. They have a gas fired barbeque in every lodge so that you can get back to nature. We quickly popped a bottle of wine open, settled the Milkivore down in her high chair, and set to work creating a gastonimic feast.
The Carnivore cooked us a tandoori inspired meal, making his own tikka paste and coating chicken breasts and quorn in it. He then grilled corn, sweet pepper, red onion, new potatoes and all sorts of other vegetables in oil to chargrill them. Flat breads were quickly toasted on the grill, too. It had a lovely spicy, sweet, chargrilled flavour, with a fantastic Indian tandoori twist, which was gorgeous.
We layered up our flatbreads with the grilled mix of vegetables and meat with a good dollop of natural yoghurt before tucking in. The little one loved her first experience of eating outdoors.
After tea, we started to set up the second bedroom ready for the Milkivore's bedtime. They had double bunkbeds in the room for older children but we had taken our travel cot from home for our baby girl.
True to her promise she got in that enormous tub and squealed with delight as she splashed her daddy in the face with water. After we said our goodnight, sleep tight rhyme, as we do every night, we laid her down and watched her drift into the kind of deep. peaceful slumber that only babies can enjoy.
The Carnivore and I poured another glass of wine and sat on the verandah watching the sun go down. The last of the bird song faded with the sun, signifying the end of another day, so we retired to the big squishy four poster bed. We read books, somewhat of a luxury nowadays, rather than reaching for the TV remote or ipad and chatted until our eyes grew heavy.
A few hours later we got our usual nightly call from the littlest Inspiration and I got up to feed her before moving her cot into our room for the rest of the evening. When we're away I quite like to keep her close to me and I think she likes being with us, too. There was plenty of room for the cot in our room next to our bed.
The next morning we woke bright and early, feeling rested and excited as it was the Carnivore's birthday. These lodges invite you to throw open the doors from the second you open your eyes, which is exactly what we did, before hopping back into bed and under the warm sheets, with a steaming cup of coffee.
The slightly chilly spring air pinched our noses while the rest of us was toasty warm. The Carnivore stoked the fire whilst we cuddled and played peekaboo with the littlest Inspiration.
We opened cards and gifts, the Milkivore helping to tear the paper open, and I lit candles on his cake before singing happy birthday, whilst the little one clapped and giggled along.
There is beautiful countryside and woodland to explore around the lodge so we took a long leisurely morning walk with the little one in the sling. The air smelled amazing, inviting us to breathe a little deeper and I'll never forget the earthy smell of mulch and wood chips as you leave your lodge, eventually giving way to alpine fresh woodland.

Floral baby jumpsuit from Joules (similar here)
After a lovely walk we headed back towards the firepit, which is a lovely storytelling circle that I can imagine would be great fun for older children and adults alike. There is plenty of wood to make a fire and the thoughtful marshmellows left in in the lodges to be toasted by the campfire were moorish.
The nearby woodshed offers a stylish communal area that wouldn't look out of place in a high end interior design showroom. Big, leather sofas covered in warm, faux furs, surrounded by twinkly lights, inviting you to sit down and relax. There were a host of books and magazines, as well as games to pass the time, all washed down with a selection of fine teas and coffees from local suppliers.

Soon it was time to doll ourselves up for a special birthday tea and in keeping with the spring vibe, slipped on a cheeky bright floral number.
That night we headed out to the nearby pub for dinner, The Star Inn at Sancton, which has a fabulous reputation. A gastro pub if ever there was one with a chef who has celebrity status locally, so naturally we were desperate to try the food. We enjoyed some beautiful dishes and I was glad to see there were plenty of herbivore choices for me with a separate vegetarian menu,
It is a ten minute walk down a country lane to the pub but be warned, you will need torches on the way back as it is very dark. That is part of the charm of the North Star Club that you can gaze up at the night sky and see stars in all of their glory. Uninterrupted by street lights, it is quite a spectacle to behold. With satisfied tums and the calling of a comfortable bed we set off back to the lodge
The rest of our break was spend exploring some of the local attractions, of which there are many, and deserve a post of their own. We had such a fabulous family break here and found it ideal for travelling with a baby. We could self cater, or go out, there was a separate room for the cot and plenty of space for older children to run freely and safely.

I have a feeling the North Star Club is one place that will grow with our family.

Where do you go with the family to get away from it all?

This is a collaborative post but all views are honest and our own as always but we genuinely love this place.


  1. How fabulous! Sounds like a fantastic break!

    1. Thank you. It really was a fabulous place and very tranquil. Just what we needed.


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