Why Valentine's Day is best celebrated in the great outdoors?

I love cosiness when it comes to romantic nights in. Soft, plush fabrics, blankets and candles. But my vibe is more outdoor dining by a roaring fire, whatever the weather. Think about it, that slight nip in the air makes you snuggle in closer, the dusky light is already subdued and romantic, you can stargaze over your champagne, so that's the entertainment taken care of.

The Carnivore (the meat-eater in our duo) is the true chef in our relationship (don't tell him I said so) but I know the way to his heart. We've always had a good partnership with him preferring to make the savoury course ,whilst I like to focus on desserts, but this valentine's day I'll rustle up a rustic woodfired meat feast pizza for him in our outdoor pizza oven.
To create a touch of luxe, I'll decorate with Nordic animalfurs, twinkly fairy lights, comfy cushions in touchy-feely fabrics like satin and silk, alongside some bohemian touches, such as things we've procured on our travels like brightly coloured Indian fabrics, and finished with tapered candles in silver candelabra.

Later we’ll close the curtains on the gazebo and enjoy an outdoor movie. The white curtains of the gazebo make for the perfect screen to stream movies from our phones and onto a Smartphone Projector.  It really feels like an adventure watching a film outside instead of in your usual place on the sofa.
We've even got the option of jumping in the hot tub, which is just perfect for a cold evening when you want to cosy up to your partner. You could be mistaken for thinking you're on holiday by just getting a few ingredients for your garden.
Of course you must wrap up warm and stay close to the fire, but as long as you have the right clothing and lots of blankets, a bit of a chilly night shouldn't stop play. Better yet, if a raging storm comes, we can just move inside to create a cosy den and have a floor picnic.
Now what could be more romantic than that? 
And if the significant other in your life right now is a fur baby, dig out those PJ's, light the fire, pour a hot chocolate and snuggle that ball of fur. 
How will you be spending this Valentine's Day?


  1. There are some beauties on there! We are tempted to build our own someday soon but we might just make life easy and buy one of these corkers.


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