Lunch at Lodge on Loch Lomond

After our jaunts around Loch Lomond and Glasgow which you can read about here, our travels took us north of the Loch towards a quaint little town called Luss, boasting such charm and whimsy. All little cottages tooting white smoke from their thatched roofs.

A short meander down from the town's pier we found Lodge on Loch Lomond, and the location was breathtaking, Sat on the idyllic shores of Loch Lomond, it points out to moody grey skies and huge rolling hills in the distance. The waves lapped up against the shore, as birds swooped in to land before gliding off into the distance again.

It was a chilly autumnal day but that didn't stop three brave souls from donning their swimming caps and not much else and diving into the Loch for a swim.
The Carnivore, baby girl and I decided to stay safely ashore and went in search of warmth and sustenance. Luckily Christmas had arrived at Lodge on Loch Lomond and roaring flames licked out from the open fireplace. A Christmas tree stood proud at the entrance welcoming cold and weary travellers in from the elements.
We were greeted at the restaurant by the maitre d and invited to take a seat near the window overlooking the sensational view of the Loch. We could almost have been afloat, as from our perch high above, we could only see water.

I ordered the white onion and clove soup with warm crusty bread, which tasted just like Christmas in a bowl. It was creamy and lightly spiced; it really warmed the cockles.
The carnivore ordered prawns pil pil which had a lovely garlicky, chilli kick to it, which satisfied him immensely. One thing the carnivore likes is his spice, so he was glad it had some heat.
Ed Sheeran songs crooned lightly around us as we watched mist roll in and over the hills. Diners at the other table looked on in awe as three tier stands were brought over, strewn with all manner of delectable afternoon tea delights. Babies have a habit of uniting folk and we struck up conversation with them about how good our little one was being, as she was letting mama and papa enjoy their lunch.

That of course jinxed things and we had to take a breather between courses to entertain the wee bairn. The servers were very sweet about it and held off on our next course until we were ready. When baby was safely snoozing, we resumed our feasting position and waited for the main course to arrive.

I ordered a spinach and chickpea curry, which promised to come with pickle tray and naan bread. Now I have to say, I did not hold out much hope because unless you go to an Indian restaurant, I tend to find them a little bland, but, I can wholeheartedly say it was not. It had the loveliest warmth of chilli running through it - not too hot but certainly enough to let your mouth know it meant business.
True to word it had a homemade naan tucked neatly to the side and came with a lovely minty yoghurt dip and mango chutney, which I just loved. It was the best of an Indian meal in one plate.
The carnivore opted for a sirloin steak and chunky chips - his usual go to in a nice restaurant but he is quite picky with his meat, so tends to judge a place on the quality of its produce. The chips were homemade and gorgeous - crispy outside, fluffy inside and the steak cooked medium rare and to taste.
By this time it was getting dark over the Loch but we could still see the swimmers bobbing around and dogs and owners getting the last of the fun on the shore. We noticed a firepit sat out on the private beach, which ran below the large terrace, which we imagined would be great fun in the summer months. You can even get married here and I couldn't think of a dreamier location.
We were offered dessert but had absolutely zero room to partake sadly but I spotted some gorgeous looking Pastel de Nata which, had I have had room, would have been a prime candidate.

Lodge on Loch Lomond was such a cosy place to stop for the afternoon and with its location, I bet it'd be stunning to watch a storm rolling in on a harsh winters day. I hope one day we return to find out...

What do you like to eat on your travels? Do you like to work up an appetite with a walk or snooze the afternoon away after lunch?

* We were gifted a meal at Lodge on Lomond but as always, our opinions at entirely our own and will always be honest, good, bad or ugly.

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