What to expect at 39 weeks pregnant: my pregnancy diary update

I can't quite believe it but here we are at week 39 with just a week to go until my due date. How has 9 months gone by already? But then in another way it could be 84 years, as it feels like a life time since our worlds were turned upside down in the best way.

I've had moments of anxiety over the birth over the last weeks but mostly I have felt calm and excited about finally meeting our little one. It has been hard not knowing what our baby is doing in there and if bubs is okay, so to finally be this close to seeing baby on the outside and finding out what they look like, to hold them in my arms and to share the bond and joy with the rest of our family is very exciting.

Being patient at this stage is tough and it's especially hard to not to start counting down the days, especially as I don't know if I might go overdue...but I've waited this long, if I have to wait a little more then so be it but it won't stop me dancing, eating pineapple and every other trick in the book to get our little love ready to meet us.

Pregnancy diary:

How far along: 39 weeks

Days to go: 7 - eek, oh my goodness
The bump: Getting huuuge! It is all up front and often people say they can't tell I'm pregnant from the back
Weight changes: Still at 25/28 pounds since I started which feels like a lot and I do hope that I'll be able to drop my baby weight fairly quickly, although I won't put myself under any pressure until breastfeeding is well and truly established.
Stretch marks? I'm still hanging on in there but I know if I go overdue, there's a chance it could still happen
Cravings: All of the sweets but trying to get a good dose of fruit, veg and salad in there too.
Sleep: Wow the insomnia struggle is real. I literally lay awake all night sometimes not feeling tired followed by one good night of full sleep
Symptoms: Getting lots of lightening twinges, cramps, Braxton hicks and back ache. Bump is so big now that I feel like I've got a bowling ball in my tummy and turning over in bed is practically an Olympic sport
Best moment this week: We're now counting down the days which are hopefully single digit until we meet little one
Worst moment this week: Getting anxious about the actual birth and not knowing what to expect
Miss anything? Sleeeeeeeppppp and yes I know its only going to get worse.
Movement: Movements are smaller given bubs is running out of room in there but still frequent and in a pattern. I have the odd day where baby goes really quiet and I get concerned and then starts moving like crazy to make up for it.
Belly button in/out: In still
Wedding Rings on/off: On
Mood: Other than being very tired, mostly I'm feeling good and excited about meeting my little love
Looking forward to: Meeting this tiny human that I have grown in my tummy for the last 9 months and already bonded with so much. I'm looking forward to making my hubby a daddy and my mum a nanny for the first time. I can't wait to finally hold baby on the outside and have lots of snuggly newborn cuddles. 

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