What to expect at 37 weeks pregnant: my pregnancy diary update

At 37 weeks you're considered full term, although some prefer to call it early term, but either way baby is fully ready to come into the world.
Baby has been practicing breathing for a while and the lungs are developed enough to cope with taking that precious first breath. It does seem to be at this stage that because it can happen that baby comes early, that you start looking for every small sign that they are.

I've had a lot of Braxton Hicks, premenstrual feelings and twinges as baby descends into my pelvis and I have wondered if they might make an early appearance. I had an episode of pretty intense practice contractions and nausea and really thought it was game on but within a couple of hours it had passed.

I feel a very strong instinct to nest right now and want every job around the house taken care of, the garden in good shape and the last of babies things unpacked and prepared. This has kept me very busy tying up loose ends and I've still continued with some exercise, but have dialled it back to mainly aqua fit and some light gym work and weights a couple of times a week now.

I have found exercise the best thing for me to keep my mind and body feeling strong throughout my pregnancy and although I've had some pelvic girdle pain and niggles, I've largely enjoyed a healthy pregnancy which I credit to starting from a good healthy place and keeping active throughout.

Pregnancy diary:

How far along: 37 weeks

Days to go: 31
The bump:
Weight changes: 25 pounds but hoping this is the last of my weight gain and the rest is just bubs laying down some fat
Stretch marks? Not so far, fingers crossed...
Cravings: Chocolate, ice cream, pudding, sweet stuff
Sleep: Sleep is disrupted and getting any kind of routine at this point is tough.
Symptoms: Oh the heartburn. Oh the achy hips, pelvis and ribs. A bit of swelling but not too bad.
Best moment this week: Knowing that baby is not considered early term and could potentially be born any time from now.
Worst moment this week: A few hormonal moments and hubby's work stress is keeping him away when all I want to do is nest.
Miss anything? I think I've finally adapted to the slower pace of living and even drinking isn't bothering me any more. I can see the end goal in sight now and am just getting excited about meeting baby.
Movement: Movements are more like rolls but I love feeling a little hand or foot sticking out of my sides and play a game of guess the body part when it happens.
Belly button in/out: In still
Wedding Rings on/off: On
Mood: Good days and bad days but mostly good. Keeping distracted helps and I mostly just want to get everything in order ready for baby now. Some nice sunny days have helped to raise my spirits.
Looking forward to: Starting to count down the weeks until bubs is due.

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