What to expect at 33 weeks :My pregnancy diary update

How fast is this year flying by? The weeks seem to pass in a blur now and each one brings me closer and closer to meeting my little love. How exciting? I won't lie, it's not all been a bed of roses and there are some pretty testy third trimester symptoms that are making life a bit uncomfortable, not to mention the occasional hormonal low but largely I'm feeling physically good.

It's funny when you talk to women how different each pregnancy journey can be and amazing as it is, it's certainly true that most do not enjoy or love pregnancy all of the time - it can be tiring, uncomfortable, discombobulating and painful at times, but the biggest thing I've noticed is how important your mind set is.

With a positive outlook, you can cope with anything this crazy journey throws at you but I think it's totally okay to say that it's not all fun and games all of the time. Of course keeping in mind the end result helps to keep you feeling motivated and there isn't a day that I don't feel blessed to be carrying our baby. I wouldn't trade places with my husband for all the tea in china, although it would be lovely to share the experience with him more fully.

I do wish it was more accepted to have honest conversations about pregnancy, though, as it is such a life changing, defining event in a woman's life and our husband's or partners, with the best will in the world, cannot understand how it feels.

Often it seems that for women I've spoken to, pregnancy and becoming a mum can sometimes combine with other stressful life events like bereavement, job loss or stress, relationship breakdowns and health issues, which only compounds the inevitable vulnerability that comes with this time in your life. If this is the case, then there is support out there, but often we don't like to make a fuss but I think maybe just talking to other mums to be about this crazy journey can be really helpful.

Every day I'm blown away by what a miracle creating life is and nothing can top the feeling of this little one wriggling around...I find myself laying awake between my nightly trips to the loo just waiting to feel the baby move before I can drift back to sleep again.

Pregnancy diary:

How far along: 32 weeks

Days to go: 50 something...
The bump: somewhere between week 28 and 32 my bump has well and truly popped and I now feel mahoosive and now everyone can easily see it is always a good conversation starter.
Weight changes: 20 pounds since I got pregnant - eeek. I have to remember not to panic as a lot is of course baby, fluid, placenta and a layer of blub to prepare for breastfeeding.
Stretch marks? Nope but I get the itch and run for the coconut oil. People keep saying it's the last few weeks to watch for...
Cravings: Loving a good mango and coconut milk smoothie these days and still craving plenty of dairy. Oh and lots of sweet stuff. This baby may end up being made of pure sugar.
Sleep: I spend my days feeling permanently tired now as I wake up every couple of hours, either bursting for a wee, as I've just been kicked in my bladder or because my hips/ribs/my very essence aches.

Symptoms: the heartburn is still unspeakable and my ribs start to hurt on a night as the relaxin in my body starts to soften and expand everything. Ouch.
Best moment this week: Hearing my little ones heartbeat at my midwife appointment, which is now a regular thing.
Worst moment this week: The discomfort, general tiredness and those occasional hormonal days when everything makes me feel blue. Luckily they pass quite quickly but it is quite disconcerting.
Miss anything? Still wine. My social life. Being able to run. Feeling like myself. So yeah a few things but small sacrifices in the scheme of things.

Movement: There are some quite big movements and more of a pattern now so there are certain times of the day when I look forward to feeling my precious one moving around.
Belly button in/out: In still and hoping it remains.
Wedding Rings on/off: On but if it's a hot day, my hands can feel a bit swollen
Mood: I've found not feeing like me the hardest adjustment and not being able to turn to the usual coping mechanisms. I feel like in the words of the Mad Hatter, I have misplaced my muchness lately. I'm told this is quite normal.
Looking forward to: Showing off the bump in some of my first proper maternity outfits...

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