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Life is full of twists and turns - some amazing and others less so. But even when other stuff in life isn't quite going to plan, there are just certain bits of news that cannot be over shadowed. I've been wanting to let you all in on a little secret for a while but there has been so much going on I've gotten a bit behind on blogging about it.
There is a new addition to the Inspiration Highway family currently residing in my tummy and it's all terribly exciting, if a little bit terrifying. It's amazing how you can be so protective and love someone who isn't even in the external world yet but here I am totally in love with our baby.

Although I've waited a while to start shopping for cute baby stuff, I can wait no longer and need all the advice I can get about what I'm going to need on this amazing journey to parenthood. I popped along to the York Bump to Baby expo recently and met some lovely people from Lifft Slings. So much so that I'm going to see them again at the Baby to Toddler show in Manchester from 10- 12th March.

If you fancy going along, courtesy of Lifft Slings you can get an exclusive discount by entering NBT26 on the website.

How far along: 19 weeks -almost half way!
Days until due date: 148
The bump: more all over weight gain but there is a definite little bump which is quite low at the moment
Weight changes: +8 pounds since I got pregnant
Stretch marks? None I have noticed as yet and fingers crossed it will stay that way
Cravings: More food aversions than cravings as such but if I do fancy something, I have to have  it right then. I'm loving cheese a lot these days.
Sleep: better since I bought one of those body pillows that look like an anaconda but I still wake early and need to pee in the night at least once.
Symptoms: sore tatas, extreme tiredness and heartburn is my latest thing
Best moment this week: feeling little flutters that I think might be teeny baby kicks
Worst moment this week: having a stressful time at work and feeling so very tired at the same time
Miss anything? Wine! I've done really well since I found out and it hasn't bothered me lots but I could have enjoyed a little tipple this weekend.

Movement: Little and intermittent flutterings
Gender: No idea and undecided whether to find out. People keep saying not to as it's one of the last surprises you can have but you could also see it that you just get the surprise early.
Belly button in/out: Firmly in!
Wedding Rings on/off: On
Mood: Pretty good mostly but I had some low moments last week at work
Looking forward to: Seeing our beautiful bubba at our next scan 

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