My Pregnancy Diary: what to expect at the 20 week scan

I don't know if this is the sort of thing you are interested in reading about but I thought I might make a regular feature of tracking my pregnancy. Mainly because my blog is a bit of a journal for me to look back on in years to come but also because some people might also be interested to see how things are going. I feel like we're on this crazy journey together so I'd love to hear from you with your own stories.
If it isn't your thing then never fear as I'll still be blogging about food, travel and lifestyle titbits in between. Also please excuse the dodgy loo selfie but there just wasn't time to take proper pictures.

This week was so special because it was the 20 week scan and a chance to see our little bundle again. Even though you feel the baby moving and know it's in there, there is something reassuring about seeing your little one on the ultrasound screen again. At the 20 week scan they check in a lot of detail that everything is as it should be with baby and check for analomoiies. This can feel worrying if you don't know what to expect and it certainly feels more medical than the 12 week scan. you do get to see the most amazing, tinest details though and we got a close up view of tiny feet, hands, a cute button nose and the longest legs. you have to pay for pictures at this scan but we couldnt resist. 

How far along: 20 weeks - exactly half way to meeting our littlie.

Days until due date: 141
The bump: my bump has popped a bit this week and is a much more definite shape. I also feel like my face and hips are more plump than usual. Ahh the joys!
Weight changes: Still +8 pounds since I got pregnant but my bump is bigger now
Stretch marks? No new ones (please god of stretch marks leave me alone!)
Cravings: Milkshake! Ice pops! Fruit smoothies! Anything cold seemingly.
Sleep: Ok but still waking once or twice in the night. I wonder if it's to prepare your body for the lack of sleep ahead...

Symptoms: I'm shattered and struggling to believe there is such a thing as an energy spike in the second trimester. I'm full of it until about 4pm and then I need a nap. Zzzzzz.
Best moment this week: Having the 20 week scan and seeing our little love again, after what has felt like a long wait since the 12 week scan.
Worst moment this week: more work stress, not good at four months pregnant.
Miss anything? Cocktails and a good girlie night out

Movement: Kicks are getting more defined but are not always consistent
Gender: I may have stolen a glance but my lips are sealed...
Belly button in/out: In and hoping it stays that way.
Wedding Rings on/off: On but I have had swollen fingers occasionally.
Mood: Moments of being at a slightly low ebb but whenever I feel like that I just have to think of the baby and I'm happy again.
Looking forward to: Starting to shop for baby things as I've been quite restrained so far.


  1. Baby stuff shopping is so much fun! I recommend Babies R Us - way cheaper than Mothercare, about the same quality. Also, you get to call it Babysaurus.

  2. So true and the babysaurus comment amused me highly! It's very overwhelming in these shops, though, as there's just so much STUFF. Trying to be selective so our house isnt full of things that we don't need...


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