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I love a good gadget but often they can look a bit drab and like everyone else’s and it’s nice to personalise things to you. I absolutely adore being able to add my blog's branding or a personal style that inspires me to notepads, stationary and anything else I can find.

Caseapp recently caught my eye as a few bloggers I know had created some lovely designs for their Macs which I loved. When they got in touch and asked if I’d like to create my own design I bit their hands off.
I use my iPad a lot when I’m out and about for working on the move and I wanted an eye catching design to brighten my day and inspire me.
The wizard interface couldn’t be easier to use and allows you to upload your own photos or use one of the pre made designs. What sets this apart is that you can jumble a few designs together to come up with something completely bespoke. I lurved the marble effect designs and so used that as my base and added a few bits of my own.

I recently visited Duck and Waffle and fell in love with their floor tiles. The beautiful Mediterranean blue, the distressed look, the different patterns. Be still my heart! I just had to find a way to incorporate it into my life (until I can afford to replace all of my floor tiles that is).
In a tick, Id completed my design, submitted my order and all I had to do was wait. When it popped through the letter box a week or two later, I must admit was surprised.
The colours were reflected perfectly and the images razor sharp but it wasn’t exactly what I expected. I’d got it into my head they were actual cases so when they arrived in a very flat envelope I knew something was up. They are actually stickers (albeit very nice quality stickers) which you peel and lay onto your device, requiring a bit of a steady hand but when in place, et voila, you’d never even know they were stickers.
It actually feels like a high quality vinyl material and hugs your device securely, unlike other products which can peel and get dog eared very quickly.

So even though the product wasn’t quite what I expected to arrive, I haven’t been disappointed. I now carry my phone and iPad around with pride and have caught people giving curious and envious glances as I’ve been working away.
How do you customise your devices? Do you like my Duck and Waffle inspired design?

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