Split, Croatia - Part Deux

The next day, after a few lovely cocktails the night before, which you can read about here, the sea was calling us and so we headed off for a healthy juice and a little paddle.

After a while our itchy feet kicked in and we fancied having a little leg stretch. Josko had recommended we go to Marjan to get a great view out over Split. Marjan is a national park which offers some great trails for hiking and biking in the summer, but we fancied something a little more sedate.
We weren't disappointed when we reached the top and toiling in the 30 degree heat was well worth it to catch the wonderful breeze and views over terracotta roofs.
You may need to climb several hundred stairs to get there but when you do, the views go on for miles and the most impressive and enormous cruise ships loom large on the horizon.

The mountains in the distance were veiled in a thin layer of mist but it was obvious that there is some striking countryside to be explored in Croatia.
I found this cosy little spot which would have been perfect for a lovers tryst and it summed up nicely the romantic air this place has about it. Being here with the bezzy, though, we were more about letting the good times roll but I think it is somewhere I would bring the Carnivore to.

After the exercise climbing up and down the stairs, we were starving so off we trotted to find lunch and this rather chic riviera cafe was ideal.
After a long lazy lunch washed down by a lemon Radler - put it on your list to try if you haven't already - we were baked by the sun and I wanted to immerse myself in that bright blue yonder..

The beaches are a little shingley here but there are an abundance of wild swimming spots and I loved how parts of the sea were roped off for those looking for a more relaxing paddle.
The water had a slight chill to it at first but after melting under the midday sun, it was the perfect way to cool off. I waded in to chest height and found a lovely spot where the sun had raised the temperature a few degrees.

Then, like lizards, we laid out on the large, flat rocks and soaked up the sun whilst drying off, It's no frills sunbathing here so bring your own towel and be prepared to get a numb bum but the warmth emanating through the stone was lush.
As we headed back into town toward our home at Studio Diokles, we caught sight of this great wizard and as the legend dictates, we rubbed his big toe and made a wish. As everyone knows, a wizard always fulfills their wishes so I'm confident mine will come true soon.

The pathways meandered in narrow tracks through the town, with the most wonderful smells wafting from little hole in the wall restaurants.
The clocktower advised us that it was almost time for dinner so we scurried back to get freshened up for a warm, dusky evening at Tinel Trattoria restaurant which the Split Tourist Board kindly laid on for us,
 My date (Vicky from ESLT) and I entered a fairly modest looking restaurant from the street and was led through to the back, out of the patio doors and into the most beautiful garden, with trailing ivy draped above our heads. Such a lovely surprise!
We raised a glass to our girlie trip to Croatia where we'd had had the most amazing time and vowed that we'd get back to at least a yearly girls holiday. There really is nothing like having quality time with your best friends.
 Soon the yummy fresh based bread arrived and we cautiously nibbled trying not to fill up too soon but we failed miserably, as it was just so warm and soft, with a tough crust on the outside,
 I was obsessed for the whole trip about finding gnocchi on the menu somewhere. The food in Croatia was very Mediterranean and particularly Italian, so I was overjoyed when I spied this on the menu.
The creamy cheese sauce was just the right consistency and the gnocchi was cooked to perfection. It may be a very simple dish but done well it is one of the most satisfying, They'd added dried plums to the dish, presumably to break up the flavour, which didn't quite work for me, but was yummy none the less.
We ordered sauteed mushrooms and garlic mash potato as side orders, keen as ever to try as much as possible and they were both delicious. The mash especially was so creamy.
Stuffed to the brim, I had no intention of getting dessert but the owner of the restaurant talked us into it and so I ordered the Brulee cake, which was actually a lot like pannacotta in a rich burnt caramel sauce. We enjoyed our meal at Tinel and it was the ideal way to spend our last night in Split.

As the sun set on our trip, we were so sad that the holiday was over but beautiful Croatia had won our hearts. I vowed that it wouldn't be too long before I go back to explore more of this stunning, interesting and cultural place.

Have you been to Croatia? Where did you spend your summer holidays this year?

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