Wedding DIY: How to make homemade blackboards

We loved doing bits of DIY for our wedding and then finding uses for them afterwards around the house. This homemade blackboard DIY was one of the easiest but one of the most useful projects and we loved customising our own blackboards so cheaply.

Being able to leave thoughtful messages for our guests, or direct them to our self service snack bar or cocktail and cigar station was really helpful and a big time saver.
We've continued to use some blackboards at home as an easy way to write shopping lists, menus or little notes to eachother. Mine usually consisting of jobs for the Carnivore to do around the house with the occasional something sweet!

To make your own you'll need a few materials:

 - Start off with some free off-cuts of mdf or other cheap wood you can place your hands on.
 - If it's in one large piece, take a ruler and pencil and mark them into roughly A4 size pieces, or any other size you require.

 - Grab a small hacksaw and cut them down to size or ask a responsible adult, which I am clearly not (ha de ha!)
I used this chalkboard spray paint from Rustoleum which did the trick nicely and only needs a couple of coats. I'd suggest doing one coat and leaving it to dry before going over it. Then leave it alone for 24 hours until it's completely dry. It left a nice streak free finish and was super simple and mess free, which is always my favourite kind of DIY project!

Then voila! Your homemade chalkboard is ready to play with. You can even get creative and frame one of them to hang on the wall or even tape off part of a wall in a kitchen or utility room if you're feeling adventurous.
                            Thanks to unknown on Pinterest

So much more fun than writing on boring old paper and makes you feel just a bit rebellious for writing on walls which you could never get away with as a kid.

Are you a fan of the chalkboard? Have you got any cool wedding or house DIY projects to share? I'd love to hear about them.

If you'd love to have a go I have three cans of Rustoleum chalkboard paint to give away. Just use the nifty little rafflecopter gadget and I'll announce the winners in November. Good luck!
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  1. Never in a million years would I have thought this to be so easy! I want to try this now! Thanks for sharing :)

  2. Thanks for stopping by! It really is an easy but amazing DIY so I hope you do have a go. Have you entered the giveaway to win your own chalkboard paint?


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