Lost Village Festival Review

As a busy work week crept towards a close and the hand inched around the clock, I felt the fluttering in the pit of my stomach that told me that something exciting was just around the corner.

I shut down my laptop, said my goodbyes and raced from the building eager to start what was shaping up to be a fun and slightly surreal weekend.

Bags already packed the night before, we chucked them in the boot of the car, checked in with our tribe about their ETA and set off on a road trip.
Up ahead loomed a familiar sight that, even from childhood, has been symbolic of adventure and exciting places undiscovered. Across the Humber Bridge we went with a cheery smile from the attendant.

We arrived toot suite to a lush and verdant place that had a name as magical as it looked. And it really was fit for a Disney story. Humping our gear from the car, we joined the other pilgrims on what felt like an epic discovery lying in wait.
Huge trees formed an avenue for the revellers that grew darker the more we advanced, whilst twinkling fairy lights dazzled between the green leaves, creating a cosy and inviting feel. We were ready to get LOST.
We could hear the hub bub of excited party goers in the nearby campsite, keen to start a weekend of pure hedonism. Picking our way carefully between the guy ropes we explored our new home for the weekend. Friends sat huddled by tents, drinking tinnies and carefully applying the most epic looking tribal makeup. The stage was set and the 'actors' were getting into full costume.
The festival beckoned and we couldn’t wait to see what was inside. Feeling giddy and unsure what to expect we made our way to Basecamp. The party mood was getting into full swing and we couldn’t wait to explore but something beckoned us alluringly.

The waft of lovely food on the Buddha Bowl stall stirred our hunger and so we fuelled up ready for a big night ahead. People sat at communal tables, on hay bales and stood around chatting, enjoying their spoils from the various foodie offerings.
Armed with our drinks, we took to the woods, eager to get the lay of the land and feeling like pioneers on the verge of a discovery. The woodland festival had attracted nymphs, flower maidens, wannabe fairies and naughty pixies, not to mention a few circus ring masters and lost boys, along the way.

Muddy woodland pathways meandered left and right, making even the best navigator lose their direction. But it didn’t matter as at every twist and turn there was something new to see. Ethereal figures drifting silently between the trees, giving just a glimpse of them before they seemingly vanished from trace. I stopped to have a photo taken with this scary chap and in a heartbeat he'd scaled the fence and was chasing me into the woods screaming. My heart was in my mouth but it was very funny.
Soon we came across the Abandoned Chapel. From the stage, a fast, rhythmic beat pulsed from the speakers and felt like it entered my soul. A large crowd gathered and collectively swayed to the beat, transfixed by the hypnotic music.
We refreshed our drinks at one of the many bars dotted around the woodland, pausing to take in the colourful costumes people were wearing and the design and decoration that adorned every corner of the impressive forest.
At the Burial Ground we found a different vibe to the dance music on the other stage and stopped a while to dance to some Billy Jean and making like Uma Thurman and John Travolta in Pulp Fiction we twisted to You Never Can Tell. I loved the contrast of the mood at this stage and people goofed around, making each other laugh with their cheesy dance moves, which was right up my street, so I stayed a while.
As the sun descended behind the horizon, and the orangey glow spread in an arc across the sky, it was time for the headliner of the evening to take his place, so we moved quickly towards the Main Stage where a large crowd was already gathering. 
We ducked and weaved to get ourselves a good spot and before long he made his way onto the stage. Fatboy Slim aka Norman Cook blasted out an awesome set, full of new and old stuff that got people of all ages up dancing.

The neon lights flashed over the crowd and the smoke filled the air, making it feel atmospheric. Fatboy gave a good bit of theatre to match the musical prowess and picked up the decks to play them like an instrument. The crowd whooped and cheered loving this extra bit of flair.

I looked up at the open air, breathed in the smell of mulch, leaves and beer that surrounded me, and felt my whole body relax. Can there be a better feeling than being outdoors on a mild summer’s evening, surrounded by people having the best time and an awesome soundtrack to go with your emotions to boot?
Once the set had wound down, people dispersed to continue partying with their friends back at their canvas abodes but the night had one last treat in store for us. We slipped off to a quiet bar where Norman himself walked right by. Not wanting to disturb him we gave him a friendly ‘hey, great set’ and continued on our way.
We enjoyed the remnants of the evening, soaking up the atmosphere and slowly winding down as slumber called us. My last thought before losing myself in the moment was, ‘wow, I wonder what tomorrow will bring?’ 
What are your must visit festivals of the summer? Have you been to Lost Village before?

*This is a collaborative post but as always views are honest and my own.


  1. Aw that looks like so much fun!!!

    Leah / www.sunmoonwars.com

  2. It's so dreamy and surreal Leah - definitely lots of fun!


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