Filmore and Union Brunch Review in Beverley

There are two trends which are aces in my book and seem set to stay for a while. They are Scandi decor and healthy versions of yummy foods. Filmore and Union have bucketfuls of both.

I first visited Filmore and Union when I spotted it in another city years ago and even commented to the Manager that Beverley would be a great location, mainly for my own selfish purposes.

A few years later my wish came true and I've been eagerly anticipating the opening since then.
On a lazy but much needed weekend at home, we took a leisurely stroll into town to work up an appetite and headed straight to the bustling Saturday market. Flower stalls waft sweet scents in your direction, encouraging you to pause a moment and food sellers tempt you in with treats you can't resist trying.
We browsed for a while and stocked up on some beautiful blooms before heading towards Filmore and Union, which sits amidst the marketplace. A trendy grey and white canopy shades a small, Georgian fronted shop.
Behind its quaint exterior lays a bright, open space, with a delicatessen at the front for passers by to get their cold-pressed juice fix. Just beyond is a welcoming, spacious restaurant decked out in a beachy, Scandi style, with white coloured walls that bounce light from the windows all around. The trendy, nature inspired furniture and cosy, wool blankets hanging from every chair invite you to take a load off your weary feet, put down your shopping bags and stay a while.

We were seated quickly by a friendly waitress who put us at ease, giving us menus and enough time to peruse at our leisure. The menu offers a well rounded and non-bamboozling array of options, with the brunch/ lunch menu being kept separate from the evening offer. Often restaurants can give you too much choice and it can leave you feeling torn but there was just the right amount to avoid confusion.

There's a good drinks menu with a combination of wines, beers, cocktails and soft drinks, not to mention the raw juices and smoothies, which is what I was most excited to try. I intended to order something with green vegetables but was swayed at the last minute by the Raw Cacao Smoothie and boy did I choose well. It was absolutely delicious; thick but gulpable, made with cashews, raw cacao and peanut butter, making it the healthiest chocolate thing I've probably ever tasted.
Drinks in hand we returned to the food menu and the ever appealing Avo-Toast and Poached Egg grabbed my attention straight away. But, nursing a mega appetite, I mentally bookmarked it for another visit and decided on something more lunch appropriate.
The herbivore (me) ordered the Union Street Veggie which came highly recommended and was delicious, but I'd advise against trying to be delicate with cutlery and instead just picking it up and getting a big, juicy mouthful of those crunchy vegetables, hummus and creamy avocado in one hit. I ordered mine in a wrap but you can have it in a range of bagels, if you so wish. The only change I'd have made is to add some sauce or dip on the side but that was just my personal taste.
It came with a Five Grain Salad and I also ordered some of the Sesame Tahini Celeriac Fries on the side, which were so different to any other vegetable fries I'd had before. As a bonus, an extra portion of sweet potato wedges arrived too and rather than send them back we decided to keep them. Greedy little porkers that we are!
The carnivore (him) ordered the Filmore Beef Burger with sweet potato wedges and a tsatziki dip, which sounded just mouthwatering and by all accounts was. That maple syrup. That meaty beef patty. Just look at that filthy phwoar burger! I was highly envious and wished there was a veggie version of it for me.
Feeling full to the brim, we had a little nosey around which led to me finding another spacious area upstairs with more chairs and tables that were full of happy couples and friends chit chatting. It wasn't long before I snuffled out the counter laden with glorious desserts of all varieties. Big and juicy, soft and gooey, nutty and crunchy...oh my! Before I got carried away I escorted myself back to the table.
It's hard not to feel completely comfortable here, whiling away a few hours over a long, lazy lunch, where you find yourself chatting about everything and nothing with your special someone. Exactly what weekends are made for. We sat for a while soaking up the atmosphere and dreaming of long
summer evenings to come, sat outside, with a bottle of vino, in their delightful garden. 
I was still full to bursting so I opted out of dessert and redeemed myself with an Energiser juice instead. Containing more healthy ingredients than you can shake a stick at, I hoped it would fuel me for further shopping after lunch.
The carnivore (him) ordered possibly the best looking brownie I've seen in a long while, with melty patches of rich, dark brown chocolate, belying the gooey interior beneath the crumbly outside. It came with a pot of Greek yoghurt and blueberries, which was a refreshing and different take on the usual cream option. I may have helped a little with the brownie and too soon there was but a mere crumb left.
After groaning about how full we were for a while, we decided it was time to make a move. We deliberated whether to take a cake for later but resisted, which we regretted later that evening. The staff chirpily wished us a good day and we gushed that we'd be back soon.
Stepping back out in the bright, crisp day we once again caught the delicately scented air from the flower stalls and dove back into the market to see what other delights awaited us. 
What's your favourite lunch spot? Are you a health food fan or do you prefer to indugle?

*this is a collaborative post but all opinions are honest and my own. 

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