Folk Fashion Inspiration

Occasionally I find a book that is so beautiful to look at that I just have to buy it. My bookshelves are full of illustrated fables, fairytales and folkloric books that I have picked up on my travels over the years.

Being the lover of all things whimsical that I am, when I saw a beautiful swiss folk story called Heidi republished in a gorgeous yellow hardcover with folk inspired print and illustrations I had to make it mine. If you feel the same way you can find it here.
I've been loving incorporating folk print into my home and wardrobe recently so this little book also inspired me to bring the pattern into my beauty routine too. Et voila, check out my new Heidi inspired nails!

What trends and patterns are you rocking at the moment?


  1. I remember reading Heidi as a child. I love your nails! I wish I was able to do mine so nicely.

  2. Aw thank you. It's one of my childhood faves too. So happy to own it again.


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