My 3 top restaurants in Beverley for a Valentine's Day date

This place never lets me down when I want to go somewhere upmarket with a great range of mouthwatering food options. Equally lovely whether enjoying a romantic meal a la deux or with a group of friends,
The Westwood provides top notch food in very nice surroundings. The service isn't too stiff or posh but you feel well attended to and the staff are knowledgeable. there is a lovely wine list and somelier service. Myself being vegetarian but with the other half being very much a carnivore, it meets both our demands. I love this place so much that I wrote about it here previously.

This restaurant is simply stunning, from its designer decor with authentic Japanese feel, to the gourmet quality food. It is as far from a Yo Sushi conveyor belt as you could get. It gives some of the theatre and flair of a tapanyaki bar by offering a view into the kitchens, which is great if it's an early date and you're a bit stuck for conversation. It's got a good wine list and although service can sometimes take a while it's professional and friendly. Again this place is equally good for veggies and meaties alike. Plus the location is central so you can head out for drinks after that last sake. A little on the pricey side, so it's good for those who want to push the boat out a bit because you'll want to try every course. 

Okay so this one is a lot more relaxed and less upmarket but it's fun and hey we all need that on a date, plus when isn't feeling like you're on holiday good? This place is best known for its outdoor but cosy terrace with large patio heaters, blankets, salsa music and big jugs of cocktail that give even the shyest couples a nudge in the right direction. The array of cocktails and sharing platters breaks the ice and makes it a good choice for double or group daters. It's also far more purse friendly. 

What are your favourite places to eat for either a romantic meal or a group hang out? Have you been to these restaurants and how did you find it?

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