Why Disneyland Paris is the best place for a Hen Do

When you're about to take the plunge into official grown up-dom, it makes you want to behave like a kid even more and where better to do that than at Disneyland. We recently headed over to Paris for the weekend (read here) for my friends hen do and had the most amazing time. So here's why you need to go...

You feel like a Disney princess as not only do you get to see them in the flesh, but you can also dress up as one which is not normally so accepted in real life. Everyone who sees you are on a hen do stops to wish you luck and ask about your wedding plans.
 The Castle is even better in reality than in your dreams and when you've seen it on TV. You're transported right back to the magic you felt as a wee nipper and you run up to it excitedly to get pictures.
 The parade is out of this word chock full of all the Disney characters you grew up with and gives you carte blanche to act goofy and charge about looking for your favourites.
 You get to wear minnie mouse ears ALL FREAKING DAY without judgement! It's a great way to show you are part of a group and it's a token of the ace time you had. You can take them home for any nieces,nephews or kids or just secretly tuck them away and pop them on when you need a lift after a bad work week. Sssshhh.

There is cheerful music all day and happy characters everywhere. You sing along to all of the Disney classics and twirl like a ballerina. It is literally impossible to be miserable at Disneyland and all that happiness is just infectious. I can't remember the last time I laughed as much or as loudly as during our visit.
Our throats were so sore from screaming, laughing and hollering at each other and that adrenaline hit got the endorphins going. If you're not a ride person then you feel pretty ace that you were brave enough to conquer your fear, if you're an adrenaline junkie you can find the biggest, scariest rides to test your nerve.
There is literally something for everyone, whether it's the tea cups, or the highest fastest rollercoaster. 

 Or there's funny rides to get you guffawing like Goofy, like the ghost train and It's Small World After All. We had the best time on these rides.
The Ghost Train especially was just such a hoot, as we made each other jump and ghouls jumped out at us.
Most of all it was just a fantastic weekend, with something for everyone of all ages. When the rides and hilarity were done, we were in the chic City of Paris and could head out for a lovely dinner and cocktails. It doesn't get much more perfect than that for a hen do.

Would you enjoy Disney for a hen do? Have you been to any other theme parks?

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