Reviewing the best restaurants in Beverley

Fancy a bit of gnocchi, darling?! Sometimes for no other reason than you just want to, it's nice to push the boat out. With belts being tightened to deal with the pressures of buying first homes, increases in bills, job insecurity and in our case, saving for a wedding, it is tempting to baton down the hatches and stay in to save money.
However, this weekend that wasn't to be the case, as myself and my other half decided to step out and treat ourselves to a decadent meal at our favourite local restaurant. The Westwood Restaurant sits in a gorgeous Georgian mansion house in Beverley, which happens to have the lovely Sessions Spa right next door (hello hot stone massages and revitalising salt scrubs!).
We're so busy these days that it's hard to find the time to catch up, breathe and just enjoy each others company without discussing plans for the aforementioned wedding or other domestic issue. We spent a leisurely three hours over a splendid bottle of Pinot Grigio laughing and enjoying the atmosphere. 

Our starters arrived; scallops for him and a deconstructed Harrogate blue cheese and pear salad for me. Both were absolutely delicious but we both agreed mine had the edge - that salty sweet combo gets me every time!

To get a table at such short notice we had to be seated at 7pm which was earlier than we'd normally like to eat but the restaurant was still busy with families taking time out to catch up. By the time our main course arrived, though, the restaurant was full of merry couples and friends enjoying each others company. Smart looking waiters busied themselves tending to tables and bringing the most delectable looking dishes from the kitchen. Our main courses, potato gnocchi with fricassee of wild mushroom, Madeira & tarragon for me and a succulent steak with Cafe De Paris butter for him, were beautifully presented and tasted even better. This restaurant offers up the nicest vegetarian options in the town in my opinion and keeps me coming back for more.

By this time we were ready for bottle of wine number two (no judgements please!) so we caught a server on the way past. Ten minutes later there was no bottle of wine so we asked another server who skillfully checked our previous order to avoid having to ask us to repeat ourselves and then apologised for the error, as it was the other servers first day on the job. The attention to detail from the staff is second to none and we felt well taken care of throughout.

Despite being very full, we fancied a dessert each so I plumped for the hot ‘marathon’ chocolate fondant, peanut butter ice cream & peanut brittle and he went for the classic sticky toffee pudding. We did the obligatory sharing food thing but I eventually admitted defeat and relinquished half of my dessert. The next day I wished I could go back and force it down, as it was just so yummy!

Whilst we waited for our taxi home, we opted for a cocktail in the large and comfortable upstairs bar and happily chatted away about life, work, dreams and aspirations. Don't you just love those kind of evenings?!

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