What to expect from camping at Sand le Mere holiday park, East Yorkshire

The Littlest hobo's...

After a glorious week of sunshine, the girls and I wondered what to do for the weekend to make the most of it. What would involve BBQ's, sunbathing, swimming and a few cocktails? Hmm. Then it hit us. Inspiration, that is. We should pack up our napsacks, load the wagon and make like nomads to the coast. We're not talking riviera chic unfortunately, this was far too last minute. Instead we rocked up to Sand-Le-Mere on the rugged East Yorkshire coast line with a tent, food and more hooch than you can shake a stick at.

It was pot luck we ended up here but coincidentally, I also visited this place on a school trip at the age of about 8 to look at coastal erosion. I couldn't resist a sneak peak and what the teachers told us was true- there is hardly any of the cliff face left. So, listen up kids, they do know their stuff!

It was time to set up home for the weekend and being fairly inexperienced campers, we enlisted the help of a burly young man. I was rather pleased when it was up as it meant it was time to start cooking and I lurve my food.

The lovely Nicki, who is the mum of our group, got on with lighting the BBQ while the rest of us started on the sackload of booze we'd brought with us.

As soon as the grub was up, we excitedly gathered to taste our al fresco fodder. Karen ran faster than light, she was that excited!

The night was whiled away chatting about work, relationships and life while enjoying nibbles and drinks. The next morning, after breakkie had been wolfed down and the less than glamorous pilgramage to the shower complex had taken place, we were ready for a wee wander around the seaside. There wasn't a great deal to see so took in the beach and usual attractions before heading off for fish and chips for lunch.

We made our way back from lunch and settled down for some reading and chill time. But the quiet didn't last long

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