My weekly kitchen hero from Jamie at Home: a steaming start to the year

Happy new year one and all! 2012 is upon us and after a Christmas of major excess on the food and drink front, most people are feeling a little taxed in every sense of the word. Many will have spent the last couple of days vowing to be healthier this year and Jamie at Home is no different. With a new year comes a new range of recipes and products designed to encourage healthy eating for life - not just for post-Christmas!

If the gym doesn't do it for you, there is another way to let off some steam and live healthier with the new All Steamed Up Bamboo Steamer. A handy little gadget, it can be used over a saucepan or a wok to steam anything from vegetables, to dumplings, to flat breads and tortillas. You can add extra flavour to your healthy fayre by adding herbs and spices to the water on the bottom layer of this two tier steamer to infuse your food and you'll be left with a tasty stock to pour over your food or save for later!

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