A new dawn, a new day, a brand new venture

I don't know where it began, actually, I suppose I do. It began somewhere past the quarter-life mark. The longing looks, the obsessive coveting and fleeting touches at every opportunity. Of course, the thing I refer to is homeware.
Because, where once it was all about going out and little black dresses*, now it's all about staying in, 'come dine with me' style dinner parties and those gadgets that shout 'hey world, I'm living the lifestyle...(or at least trying to)'.

See, as a twenty-something career girl, I've grown up believing us women can have it all, good education, career, fab friends, nice home and family, with a cute dog to boot (or rabbit and tortoise in my case) and my word, we're giving it a darn good go. Never more have we felt the pressure to bring home the bacon but also know how to serve that posh bacon with a side of asparagus and hollandaise sauce, on a beautifully presented platter.

This is what led me to my new venture as an ambassador for Jamie Oliver's homeware range. Practically salivating at the gorgeous homewares and the opportunities they afford me to look a little bit like a domestic goddess with very little effort. My blog will provide news, views and reviews of Jamie Oliver products and other lifestyle, travel, food and interior design tidbits.
Ta ta for now,

* I hasten to add, I haven't completely hung up my dancing shoes.

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